Meta Post

After the initial hurdle of trying to decide what to blog about, and choosing the relatively straight forward topic of “Polar Bears”, all that remained was to make my first post. With only limited experience it began with a simple picture. I wanted my blog to be some-what informative, but not so full of information that it became all work, and no play. So I had to find a balance betwen informative posts, and funny posts. 

Initially I had trouble keeping on top of the regular posts, so I dabbled with some of the different Tumblr tools to queue up multiple posts. As it says on the toolbar, it would be an easy way to keep the blog active and consistent. I decided not to use the queueing system though, as it just didn’t fit in with what I wanted to do. Initially, I had no idea, no prior information about polar bears. All I knew, was that they were big, they were bears, and they were white. So maintaining this blog has not only given me experience with working with basic HTML and CSS, but also taught me a lot about polar bears and the Arctic. This was another point for manual posting and not setting up a bunch of queued posts.

I had a lot of trouble with Google Analytics. With my initial Tumblr theme, I was able to put in the code, and it picked up the site and started to work… This didn’t last when I changed my theme and fiddled around with it. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get Analytics to work again. So to track my relatively small traffic, I can use the number of likes and reblogs of my posts to give an estimate of traffic through the blog. As was expected, there was a little bit of traffic, but nothing that could remotely be seen as busy.

In a different theme I tried, there was a part of the banner that stuck out and just didn’t suit the theme I was really looking for, so I created another image layer with Photoshop and Illustrator and replaced it. The end result was decent. It no longer had a little swirly arrow sticking out the top of the banner, and was simply a flat rectangle. So that worked out for a little while, before I changed my theme again.

I was thinking about trying to link some of my posts to a Facebook account, but, with some warning from a concerned individual, I decided to scratch that idea. It’s better to keep these things separate, so I looked into trying to provide button or a link to allow people to share the posts to their own Facebook sites. I quickly came to the conclusion that using a social networking widget was going to be the way to go. So I looked around and found what I was looking for, a tutorial and explanation on how to add it to my blog. 

Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. You never know, I might even continue to post the occasional funny polar bear pic or video.

Polar bears are awesome


Polar bears have been seen swimming up to 420 miles without stopping, for up to 10 days continuously, thanks to GPS trackers.  A total of 20 bears tracked from 2004 to 2009 showed long-distance journeys were common, with an average length of 96 miles.

Via the Bears trap at trap!t.

I know exactly what this is like…

It’s always like this…

It’s always like this…

Female polar bears usually give birth to twin cubs. The female polar bear will stay with her young for 2 years whilst she teaches them how to survive.

More facts

Polar bear fur is actually not white, it only looks like it is.

It’s actually pigment-free, transparent, and has a hollow core which allows for increased insulation.

Beneath their fur, polar bears have black skin. Under this is a thick layer of fat.

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